Guidelines to Follow

To conform to the Changing Places Standards, a facility should follow strict guidelines such as the below. This is to ensure that all Changing Places are of the best standard and offer visitors a high quality result when the door is opened to the facility with no surprises.

To be registered on the Changing Places website, the facilities must be open to the public. Changing Places toilets should be installed in addition to, not in replacement of, standard accessible toilets for independent use.

Height Adjustable Adult Sized Changing Bench:

  • Min. length 1800mm by 800mm wide
  • Must be height adjustable
  • Free standing or wall mounted

Hoist Track System:

  • Ceiling track or wall track hoist system
  • Mobile hoist is permissible if track hoist is not appropriate
  • Hoist must provide access to the toilet, washbasin, changing bench and transfer space
  • Must conform to BS EN ISO10535

Adequate Space in Room:

  • Must be 3m by 4m squared
  • Equivalent of 12m squared in space
  • Must have a minimum ceiling height of 2.4m

Centrally Placed Toilet:

  • Must be positioned in a peninsular arrangement at least 1m away from the wall on either side
  • Should be a seat height of 480mm
  • Standard toilet is satisfactory, it does not need to be wash dry
  • A wash dry toilet can be supplied at the facility’s discretion but is not a requirement

Privacy Screen or Curtain:

  • Wall mounted or mobile
  • May be a telescopic clip together configuration
  • Can be a sturdy screen or a curtain as long as provides dignity for user


  • Standard washbasins are acceptable
  • A height adjustable washbasin should be provided where possible
  • Must have clear knee space below the bowl
  • If not height adjustable, must be installed 720-740mm from the floor

Tear-Off Paper Roll:

  • Must be provided in a dispenser to the adjacent changing bench

Large Waste Bin:

  • Must be provided for disposable pads in a Large size specifically

Non-Slip Floor:

  • Requirement as the room may feature a shower and cleaning procedures


  • Showers are not a direct requirement for Changing Places
  • A shower/floor drain should be considered for certain installations such as Leisure Centres