Changing Places toilets are vital within hospital environments to cater for patients with a variety of different needs who are using hospital facilities. Fully accessible toilets aren’t currently a legal requirement in hospitals, however, The Department of Health and Social Care have pledged £2 million of funding to install over 100 Changing Places facilities across England. This will offer patients with additional needs the basic right to access the toilet.

Special Considerations / Legislation:

Due to risk of infection, hygiene is an important consideration when installing a Changing Places facility in a Hospital. Aveso understand this and ensure our equipment is easy to clean and suitable for multiple users.

Hospitals may have anti-ligature requirements in place in order to protect vulnerable patients and/or children from risk of harm. In this circumstance, it is essential in the design process to eliminate points where a cord, rope or strap can be used to create a point of ligature. We provide a range of products suitable for hospitals with a strict anti-ligature policy.

An additional storage unit for medical equipment (inc. bandages, first aid box etc.) may be necessary within a Changing Places toilet, as patients using the facility could require medical attention. Aveso are able to cater for these individual requirements within our design process.

Funding Available

The Department of Health and Social Care have announced £2 million of funding will be available to install over 100 Changing Places toilets in NHS hospitals throughout England. Applications for funding are now open.

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Case Study: Colchester University Hospital

Changing Places toilets are a necessary part of daily care for thousands of people. Colchester University Hospital recognised that hospital patients often need a fully accessible toilet to meet their needs. Aveso were proud to help Colchester to install a fully accessible toilet, available to visitors and patients who require additional support. Read more…

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Why Aveso?

As sponsors of the Changing Places campaign, Aveso are passionate about creating spaces which provide a safe environment for people with additional needs. We are expert manufacturers, and produce a range of specialist products which provide added support for those who cannot use a standard accessible toilet. Our sales & design team recognise the specific needs of different venues, and use this knowledge to create bespoke packages to meet your requirements.

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What Next?

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