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Changing Places toilets within sporting & leisure facilities offer everyone the opportunity to get involved in team activities and feel part of a community. Inclusion is becoming ever more important in the sporting world and access to sport is now a top priority.

With this in mind, stadia & leisure facilities are realising the importance of Changing Places to ensure they can be fully inclusive and accessible for people who can’t access standard accessible toilets.

In the UK the Premiership Clubs have led the way (albeit some more to follow) and now we are working closely across a wide range of stadiums in the UK and Europe to integrate Changing Places, allowing the fans and their families to enjoy the event at leisure.

As sports stadiums are increasing turning to conference and exhibition revenue on top of their core focus, installing a Changing Places room will only benefit the offering.

Aveso are on hand with expert advice and support when considering installing a fully accessible toilet.

Special Considerations / Legislation:

It is important that your Changing Places toilet is easy to access within your venue, including clear signage to direct visitors to the facility. The Aveso design team can advise you when it comes to access requirements as well as offer tips and guidance on signage.

It is important that regular checks are made to CP facilities at transport hubs. This is to ensure that all equipment is in working order and ready for next use. Large volumes of people may be using the toilet, so hygiene and working equipment is paramount

Have a view to making your Changing Places toilet as accessible as possible to visitors and the general public. This offers a safe and accessible facility for the local community as well as your venue.

Changing Places facilities provide extra space for equipment, carers and patient handling, however, an added room may be necessary for users with sports equipment. Aveso can advise on layout and size

Some sporting facilities may require a shower in a Changing Places facility so that users have the option to shower after they exercise. Aveso can offer advice and support on how to include a shower within your Changing Places room.

Think about ways you can tie in your Changing Places toilet with your brand. Aveso can use our experience to offer our own advice on ways to set your facility apart.

As well as considering access to your toilet, it is also important to consider placement within the venue and whether it is best placed to accommodate people with disabilities. Aveso can help with the initial planning stages in terms of identifying the best place for your Changing Places toilet.

The guidance in the Sport England Publication ‘Accessible Sports Facilities’ requires a CP toilet to be provided in sports centres with a nine court sports hall or larger and in swimming pools and leisure centres with a 25metre or longer pool it is also recommended for four court and six court sports halls and 20 metre pools.

Case Study: Arsenal Football Club – Emirates Stadium

Aveso are proud to have installed the 1st Changing Places facility in a Premier League Football club. ‘Arsenal for Everyone’ is a motto which the football club upholds to ensure supporters, staff and everyone involved with Arsenal have an equal sense of belonging. Their Changing Places facility is just the start of many ways they aim to make their club as inclusive as it can be. Read more…

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Case Study: All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon)

Changing Places takes Centre Court at All England Tennis Club, one of the oldest and widely referred to as the worlds most prestigious tennis tournament hosted in Wimbledon, London. Each year, thousands flock to see their favourite tennis athletes compete for trophies, prize money and the title of championship winner. Approached by the AELTC early 2018, Aveso were delighted to help advise and support their goal to inclusivity through installing a Changing Places toilet. Read more…

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Changing Places Stadium

The Business Case:

The total inclusive tourism market is worth over £12bn1. Research shows businesses can potentially benefit from longer stays and more spend from the group where a member of the party has a disability. Providing Changing Places not only allow Changing Places users to enjoy the services available but also offer a new or enhanced stream of revenue to Leisure Centres and Sports Stadia.

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What Next?

For more information on installing a Changing Places toilet, get in touch with Aveso at info@aveso.co.uk or call 01242 822979.

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1 – Great Britain Tourism Survey 2015.

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