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Statistics from the Changing Places Consortium tell us that only 20% of motorway service stations provide a Changing Places toilet. This can restrict people with disabilities from travelling long distances, without the facilities for them to go to the toilet with dignity.

However, £2 million of funding has been launched by The Department of Transport to make our roads more inclusive. This will be used to install Changing Places facilities in service stations across England.

Special Considerations / Legislation:

It is important that your Changing Places toilet is easy to access within your venue, including clear signage to direct visitors to the facility. The Aveso design team can advise you when it comes to access requirements as well as offer tips and guidance on signage.

It is important that regular checks are made to CP facilities at transport hubs. This is to ensure that all equipment is in working order and ready for next use. Large volumes of people may be using the toilet, so hygiene and working equipment is paramount

Have a view to making your Changing Places toilet as accessible as possible to visitors and the general public. This offers a safe and accessible facility for the local community as well as your customers/visitors.

Motorway service stations may require shower facilities within their Changing Places room, to cater for people who have travelled long distances and would like the use of a shower.

Think about ways you can tie in your Changing Places toilet with your brand. Aveso can use our experience to offer our own advice on ways to set your facility apart.

A Changing Places toilet facility should be provided in all large railway stations (category A). The Changing Places facility should be in addition to, not instead of, the provision of unisex accessible WCs’ – Accessible train station design for disabled people: A code of practice

Funding Available:

The Department for Transport has launched a £2 Million investment for Changing Places toilets at Motorway Service Stations – applications for the funding will be will be managed through Muscular Dystrophy UK and is now open.

To find out more about the funds available, or to apply, click below:

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Case Study: Welcome Break Services – Fleet

Welcome Break has Motorway Service Areas in 27 locations and has Changing Places facilities at nine sites, with 2 more to come before the end of 2019. To date, Welcome Break has invested over £550,000 in these facilities and has the ambition of ensuring a Changing Places facility is within 2 hours of any Welcome Break site. Discover more about this project, click below:

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The Business Case:

There are more than 12 million disabled people in the UK who have a combined spending power of £249 billion1. When you consider Changing Places help 1/4 million people, that is a combined spending power of £5.2 billion. Providing Changing Places not only allow Changing Places users to enjoy the services available but also offer a new stream of revenue to Motorway Services and the businesses within.

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What Next?

For more information on installing a Changing Places toilet, get in touch with Aveso at or call 01242 822979.

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1 – Information provided by the Purple charity.

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