Changing Places campaigning has largely been centred around making public buildings more accessible for people with disabilities, with the inclusion of fully accessible toilets. However, there is more of an onus than ever before on companies to create an inclusive working environment so that people with complex needs have access to work.

Special Considerations / Legislation:

Some companies may not have the capacity or funds to be able to install a Changing Places Facility within their own building. A shared facility within a complex of buildings is a good solution for this. For example, a business park may decide to build a Changing Places toilet on site which facilities all of the companies on the estate and their respective visitors.

Have a view to installing a Changing Places toilet which can be accessed by the general public as well as staff. We understand this may not always be possible because of security reasons.

It is important that your Changing Places toilet is easy to access within your building, including clear signage to direct visitors & staff to the facility. The Aveso design team can advise you when it comes to access.

Ross Hovey: The Importance of Changing Places in the Workplace

Aveso have been working with Ross Hovey (a keen ambassador for Changing Places in the workplace and a user of the facilities himself) to try and raise more awareness as to why they are so necessary in the work environment.

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Why Aveso?

As sponsors of the Changing Places campaign, Aveso are passionate about creating spaces which provide a safe environment for people with additional needs. We are expert manufacturers, and produce a range of specialist products which provide added support for those who cannot use a standard accessible toilet. Our sales & design team recognise the specific needs of different venues, and use this knowledge to create bespoke packages to meet your requirements.

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What Next?

For more information on installing a Changing Places toilet, get in touch with Aveso at or call 01242 822979.

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