Shower WC for Changing Places

Aveso offer an alternative to a standard WC to give the user increased independence and dignity. Its innovative features include a hybrid hot water system for gentle but effective cleaning, warm air drying to leave the user clean and fresh, and control options to suit specific user needs.

The Shower WC supplied by Aveso features:

•   WhirlSpray shower technology with five adjustable shower pressure settings
•   Rimless ceramic pan with TurboFlush technology
•   Adjustable spray arm and water spray temperature
•   Gentle intimate lady wash
•   Gentle drying
•   Odour extraction technology
•   Adjustable height (425mm-560mm) at installation
•   Descaling function
•   Continuous flow heater and storage water heater
•   Customisable control options to suit needs
•   190kg SWL

Shower WC Features

Adjustable Air and Water Settings

For added comfort and hygiene the Shower WC supplied by Aveso allows the user to independently customise the washing experience and control the power and temperature of the wash.

Perfect for Multi-user Environments

A rimless ceramic pan with TurboFlush technology, combined with odour extracting technology make this Shower WC a perfect choice for multi-user environments.

Controls to suit

With a range of control options, you can choose the perfect way to give more independence to your users.