Assisted WC for Changing Places

Aveso offer an alternative to the standard WC to give the user increased independence which offers the cleaning features of a shower toilet – but in a seat.  This means that incorporating a bidet toilet into Changing Places can be achieved when budgets are tight.

Wash options for the Aveso Assisted WC include a powerful posterior wash, an anterior wash, turbo wash with aerated water and also adjustable air and water pressure with pulsating massage setting. A stream of warm air provides drying after the cleaning cycle is finished and the BioBidet BB1000 includes a patented “1 pocket 3 nozzles” system for maximum hygiene.

In addition, the BioBidet BB1000 is WRAS approved, allowing it to be connected to the water supply and automatically washes the cleaning nozzle before and after every use.

The assisted WC supplied by Aveso features:

  • Posterior and anterior wash
  • Turbo wash with aerated water
  • Adjustable air and water settings
  • Heated seat
  • Remote control
bio bidet technical download (.pdf)

Assisted WC Features

Adjustable Air and Water Settings

For added comfort and hygiene the Assisted WC by Aveso allows the user to independently customise the washing experience and control the power and temperature of the wash.

Heated Seat

Because every user is unique, the Aveso BioBidet Assisted WC has a heated seat for added comfort.

Commode Chair Compatability

The Aveso Changing Places Assisted WC can easily be modified for use with self propelled or attendant led commode chairs.