Changing Places Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling Hoists are used in Changing Places rooms to transfer the user from a wheelchair onto the changing table or WC. They save time, provide dignity, reduce risk of injury, provide improved positioning, free up space and reduce the number of transfers needed.

The OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist is a cost effective, flexible solution that can be installed into most Changing Places.

  • Automatically recharges whenever in use
  • Full range of track and accessories
  • Free no obligation surveys & CAD drawings
  • Quick and safe emergency lower without tools
  • Easy and cost effective servicing without removing the hoist from the rail
  • Easy glide H system as recommended in BS8300:2009
OT200 User Manual (ext. link)
OT200 Technical Downloads (ext. link)

Ceiling Hoist Features

Automatic Recharging

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist automatically recharges itself, giving double the battery life of any other ceiling hoist, as well as reducing servicing costs and the environmental footprint.

Inbuilt Diagnostics

The inbuilt diagnostics read how often it has been used, adjusts the speed and has fault finding if there is ever a problem.

Safe and Quick Emergency Lower

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist has a unique emergency lowering system, that unlike its competitors does not require tools or add-ons, it simply bypasses the electronics and performs a safe and quick emergency lowering.

Range of Track and Layouts

The OT200 has a wide range of track and accessories to allow installation in virtually any setting. BS8300:2009 recommends an H system to cover the entirety of the Changing Places room.

Ceiling Hoist Options

Options include a powered or manual tilting spreader bar, weigh-scale or a portable Ceiling Hoist that can be removed when not in use.

Consultation and Assessment

Aveso offer a full free of charge design consultancy including CAD, technical assistance and installation service.