Changing Places Changing Table

A height adjustable Changing Table is required because a variety of clients with a wide range of needs, some complex, will be using the Changing Places facility.  Without a Changing Table in place the only space available for dressing and changing would be the floor of the toilet or bathroom and, depending on the size of the changing places facility (minimum size required 3m x 4m), either a height adjustable wall mounted or mobile changing table will be required.

Changing Tables from Aveso feature:

  • Range of standard weight capacities up to 30 stone
  • Range of lengths from 1800-1900mm – none standard sizes available
  • Easy to fold away for convenient space saving storage
  • Manual, electric or battery powered
  • Suitable for use with all ceiling and floor hoists
  • Wall mounted and mobile models
  • Smooth quiet action during raising and lowering
  • Low level bench release button for wheelchair users and carers
  • Simple installation
User Manual (.pdf)
Technical Downloads (ext. Link)

Changing Table Features

Fold Out Guard and Bumper

Providing a protective pull up barrier for peace of mind and safety for the user when changing to avoid dismount.

Padded Top

The option of a padded top provides further comfort for the user in the likely event of being stretched out for long periods of time.

Removable Mattress

Ideal for the venue to enable easy cleaning and high standards of hygiene for the multiple users of a Changing Places.

Reclining Backrest

For optimal positioning and comfort for the user, the backrest offers an easy adjustment which may be useful for feeding.

Anti-Splash Curtain

To protect the carer from water or other liquids, the anti-splash curtain provides the necessary cover which may be needed.

Body Supports

Additional support for positioning of the head, neck or body which may be vital for some users comfort levels.