Changing Places Floor Hoist

In the unlikely situation a ceiling hoist is not possible within the Changing Places, then BS8300 advises a Floor Hoist should be used.

Folding Floor Hoists are used in rooms with limited space. Aveso recommend the reliable, easy to use Floor Hoist that is available as hydraulic or battery powered. When not in use, the Floor Hoist can be stored on its end or under the height adjustable Changing Table.

A Floor Hoist supplied by Aveso may include:

  • Curved design gives high lifting height but keeps user away from hoist
  • Choice of 3 spreader bars
  • Unique self-balancing, expanding cradle option
  • 227kg capacity with powered opening/closing legs
  • Weighscale option designed into the hoist to ensure maximum lifting height
FLoor Hoist 500 User Manual (ext. link)

Floor Hoist Features

Spreader Bar for Loop or Clip

Provided as a cradle or spreader bar to suit loop or clip slings.

Expanding Legs

The Floor Hoist can be supplied with expanding or ‘widening’ legs for additional ease when lowering onto surfaces.

Weigh Scale

Should the venue choose to, the Floor Hoist can be supplied with a weigh scale which attaches to the boom of the hoist.