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ABW-CP Height Adjustable Washbasin

ABW-CP Height Adjustable Washbasin

The uniquely accessible and multifunctional ABW-CP height adjustable Washbasin is designed for users with specialist, progressively changing needs which when incorporated into Changing Places facilities, make the area even more accessible for complex needs.

The modular units contribute to user independence and the stylish design looks great in any environment. These Washbasin have a full 450mm height range and large mirror as standard which adjusts with the Washbasin to accommodate every need. The tap options include manually operated lever taps, taps electronically controlled from the handset and even infra-red touch-free taps.

A Washbasin supplied by Aveso may feature:

  • 450mm height range
  • 150mm lever taps
  • Pop up waste
  • Enclosed plumbing
  • Anti-trap safety cut-out
  • Battery backup
  • 750mm basin surround in White


The multifunctional ABW-CP Height Adjustable Washbasin is designed for users with special and progressively changing needs.  The original ABW modular unit was developed with a team from Muscular Dystrophy UK and is the original height adjustable basin of its kind which helps to encourage user independence.

With a full 450mm height range and large basin surround, the ABW-CP wash basin is suitable for wheelchair users as well as people who need extra support to move from sitting to standing positions.  The basin is made from a Corian® material which is a light-weight but durable heat resistant material.  Corian® is never cold to the touch and is nonporous, repairable and easy to clean making it the perfect material for domestic and public use.

Available in white, the ABW-CP high low feature is operated by a simple handset control and the large single lever tap allows for unassisted use for those with limited arm movement.


Product Specifications


ABW-CP Height Adjustable Washbasin

Height Range

580mm – 1030mm (450mm)


750mm x 700mm

Manufactured By


Height­ adjustable washbasin

Ideally, a washbasin that is height adjustable should be provided to allow people to use it from either a seated or standing position. The washbasin should be positioned at a height at which a wheelchair user can easily reach the taps and use the bowl. To prevent back strain or injury, it should be possible to raise it to a suitable height so that the assistant can use it when standing.

  • The washbasin should have a large bowl, but not so large that it will be difficult to reach the taps or a wall­mounted soap dispenser.
  • Level areas at either side of the washbasin, provided with most height­ adjustable units, can provide forearm support.
  • The washbasin should provide a clear knee space below the bowl and should not have a pedestal. All supply and waste pipes should be neatly positioned to avoid obstructing the knee space.
  • The washbasin should be adjustable in height if possible. The majority of commercially available washbasins allow height adjustment within the range of 580mm to 1030mm above floor level.
  • The height­adjustment mechanism should be power assisted (either Electrical or Hydraulic). Instructions and controls for adjusting the height should be clearly visible and easy to follow.
  • The height­adjustment mechanism should have a pressure­sensitive safety override to prevent the washbasin from lowering if there is any obstruction underneath.
  • Height­adjustable washbasins require a flexible tap and waste pipe connectors to enable the washbasin to be raised and lowered to its maximum extent. These connectors are enclosed or concealed behind a rear panel in most models.
  • If it is not possible to provide the height­ adjustable facility, the washbasin should be installed at a height accessible to a wheelchair user (720-740mmfrom floor).


ABW6 Dimensions


OT200 Product Specification