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Nivano CTE2 Changing Table

Nivano CTE2 Changing Table

The new improved Nivano CTE2 Adjustable Shower/Changing Table is simple to operate from a handset control. With a weight capacity of 220kg, the Nivano CTE2 is an ideal choice for a Changing Places toilet.

  • Safe Working Load: 220kg
  • Height Range: 300mm – 900mm (600mm)
  • Height-adjustable (mains electric)
  • Handset operation
  • Battery backup
  • Part stainless steel construction
  • Durable non-rip high tension vinyl stretcher
  • Suitable for use in shower areas and wet rooms


The new improved Nivano CTE2 Adjustable Shower/Changing Table is simple to operate from a handset control. With a weight capacity of 220kg, the Nivano 2 has a comprehensive range of options so it can be tailored to suit your needs.

The durable stretcher material is comfortable as well as quick and easy to clean, saving precious time.  This, along with part stainless steel construction means the Nivano CTE2 will give many years of worry-free use, even in wet and humid or multi-user environments, especially when combined with ongoing maintenance for extra peace of mind.

The 600mm travel range enables the user to be gently lifted to a safe and comfortable working height for washing, showering, changing and dressing.  The table stows neatly when not in use, held in place with twin gas struts, and features battery back-up for safe lowering in the event of a power failure.

The Nivano CTE2 can be tailored for you with the addition of optional extras adding comfort, convenience and unique customisation, to help ensure this product is ideal for use in Changing Places facilities.

Product Specifications


Nivano CTE2 Wall Mounted Adjustable Electric Shower and Changing Table


1800mm (L) x 700mm (W)

Options Available

Fold away safety guard
Protective padded guard bumper
Anti-splash skirt
Tilting head/backrest
Protective foam wedge support
Removable mattress
Special fully coloured models available

Weight Capacity


Manufactured By

Astor Bannerman

Changing Places Specifications

An adult­sized changing bench should be provided to enable people who are unable to sit on the toilet or shower seat to lie down while being changed or showered. Height adjustment enables the bench level to be lowered to a suitable height for self­transfer from a wheelchair or assisted transfer using a hoist, and then raised to a working height for one or more assistants.

  • The height adjustment mechanism for wall­mounted benches should be mains powered. If freestanding benches are battery powered, they will need regular charging and management. The controls should be easy to operate using a handheld unit, which should either have a wander lead or be a remote­control device. Instructions for adjusting the height and activating safety mechanisms should be clearly visible and easy to follow.

  • Safety rails should be provided on the changing bench so that assistants can choose to use them when appropriate and under supervision.

  • The changing bench should have a comfortable surface that is suitable for changing and showering, such as perforated netting, and must be easy to clean.

  • If a showering facility is provided within the CP toilet, the bench should have an integral water collection tray, also known as a water catchment tray, with a waste outlet and hose.

  • Some models of changing bench offer an adjustable backrest at one or both ends which can improve comfort.

  • The Changing Bench should be either Freestanding or Wall-Mounted. It should be at least 1800mm long and 800mm wide (as a minimum) and adjustable in height, usually within the range 300mm to 1000mm above floor level.

  • A Changing Bench with a minimum safe working load of 200kg (440lbs) is recommended ­ a higher capacity is preferred for use by a greater range of users. The safe working load of the equipment should be clearly displayed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both freestanding and wall-­mounted Benches, as set out in the table below. Selection of the most appropriate type of changing bench should be carefully considered, taking into account the needs of people consulted during the planning stage of the project.


  • A freestanding bench can be moved, offering greater flexibility and a range of transfer positions.

  • The shower can be used in conjunction with a shower seat if the bench can be moved away from the shower area.

  • Assistants are able to access both sides to assist with manual handling.

  • Battery ­operated benches offer easy height adjustment. Hydraulic benches can be manually adjusted.

  • The bench may be taken out of the room, with the result that it is unavailable when required.

  • Freestanding benches typically take up more space than wall­mounted benches that folk flat against a wall.

  • If the bench is battery powered it will require regular recharging and maintenance checks.


  • It may be possible to fold the bench up against the wall when not in use, increasing clear floor space.

  • A shower can be used with a shower proof bench.

  • Usually electronically operated, it will be easy to use and operate.